RDJ a VD LOB 2015-16 & plán akcí & dotazník
Složení RDJ a VD LOB 2015-16 společně s dotazníkem

Rámcový přehled ukazatelů ročního tréninkového cyklu: ukázkový plán RTC

Formulář pro vedení přehledu plnění tréninkového plánu za jednotlivé cykly: formulář_RTC_LOB.xls

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Publikováno 17. 4. 2015, autor Roman

od Rosa @ 21. 9. 2015 11:47
I came across this card while ognlig RDJ photos It's an absolutely comical visual commentary on the great hole being dug in the heart of our society. Money and looks equals what exactly? Somber boredom and infinite emptiness? That is all I see in that photograph. It is really disturbing. I would've rather seen something like, hmmm, a well being dug in Africa! A muddy faced group of Americans hugging the people of a village dancing with joy because they no longer have to walk 16 miles for silty water.It's true. We *can* do good. We *can* believe there is MORE than just getting to get some more. That's what I'm gonna do : )
od Cayle @ 25. 6. 2016 03:25
Like everyone else here I received that same message. Mine’s from 201 – 912 – 9087. Unlike most of you, I actually received my email at 5:43 pm. I don’t know what to think of these spammers. Do these guys think that we are really stupid?I was deleting my old messages on my phone when I came by this message, so I decided to check it out. I have Norton Antivirus program on my computer and it wonu#l&d8217;t allow me to go to the site saying that it was an unsafe site. I kind of figured that it was not a safe place to be. This site was listed as a safe site so I came to check out what people had to say.
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